Your server crashed? How do you recover?

dantech data backup services

Does your business have data backup & disaster recovery services? Why not step up to a more effective, quicker to implement, solution. Can you restore a failed server or workstation within 20 minutes of downtime? Step up to DTS BCS, our Business Continuity Service. With DTS BCS, we can keep your business running whether the failure is caused by human or mechanical error, natural disaster, or some other catastrophe. And let's not forget the devastation that can be caused by ransomware. The cost of downtime is an overlooked business fundamental. Can you withstand even a few hours of downtime without it damaging your reputation, integrity, and your bottom line? We provide a very handy Recovery Time Objective calculator, which can quickly show how losses mount up with even a few hours of downtime.

From cloud services to data backup, DanTech Services, an official reseller of Datto, a leader in data protection with Inverse Chain Technology and Backup Insights, to deliver the Best of Class solution. With our image-based system, we can recover your protected server within 20 minutes of the start of recovery, whether local or from our protected data centers in cloud. With Datto's Backupify, we can also protect your Microsoft 365 or Google Drive, Salesforce, social media and other business data. 

Disaster Recovery is a subset of Business Continuity, please visit our Data Backup and Recovery page for more information. Looking for a complete solution that protects both your Network AND your Data? Check out our new service, DTS Shield!

Still think you will need more than that? Click here for brief description of services DanTech is providing!