Help for Non-Profit Organizations in Hard Times

Do you serve on a nonprofit’s board or as a volunteer? Help your group to success!

What all nonprofits have in common:

  • You promote goals & ideas of important causes
  • You engage members & donors who embrace and support these goals & ideas
  • You receive fees, grants and donations to support the     organization
  • You need constant communication with your members,   donors, volunteers, and board
  • You need a tool to organize all of the above

And now this tools has arrived!


Over 10,000 nonprofit professionals use Salsa's integrated software for donor management, marketing, fundraising, advocacy, and peer to peer to fuel great causes across the globe.

DanTech Services, in partnership with Salsa, is offering an integrated set of tools which will significantly increase your organization’s productivity and efficiency, plus we train & support your team!

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Fundraising Software for Nonprofits

Supercharge fundraising growth with intuitive, easy to use donor management, digital marketing, online fundraising,online advocacy, and peer to peer fundraising tools.

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