Your Business Coronavirus Response

Act now to protect your business by supporting your Remote Workers. Their productivity keeps your business functioning. DanTech keeps your computers, business network & data secure.

Contact us to secure your employees’ access to office resources and protect your data. As our customers tell you, we will, through remote services, alert you to and respond to:

  • Service outages /breaks in computers and networks
  • Cyber-threats
  • Vulnerabilities that should be fixed before they impact your employee/customer/vendor relationships, in office or remote
  • Prevent loss of information and data that keeps your business going every day using state of the art Business Continuity options

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Ensuring you have the information technology and infrastructure needed to support employees who may need to work from home during any type of quarantine is important to ensure business continuity.

Voice Communications

Ensure that communication channels over the phone will continue.  Most modern business phone     systems have the ability to forward to another phone number.  Ensuring all employees are knowledgeable and capable of configuring their office phones provides continuous access via remote work. If employees have remote IP phones, softphones, or apps that integrate with your phone system, they will be able to remain in contact through those means.

Email & Collaborative Communications

Email is a critical component of communication.  If your organization uses a cloud-based email system like Microsoft 365, employees will be able to continue to send and receive email through their mobile device(s), or web interface, to email clients without interruption.  If an on-premises mail server is in use, check with your employees to confirm they have access to work email through their mobile device(s), a web interface, or desktop application while working remotely.

Teams, Yammer, Skype, Slack, and other tools allow for collaborative communications. The ability to provide a more immediate response can be crucial for smooth operations—especially with a decentralized office.

File Sharing

The organizational intellectual property lives on file servers.  Organizations that use cloud-based file systems like Egnyte will access company files through a web portal or mapped drives into the cloud file storage system.  If your organization does not leverage a cloud-based file system, please ensure that employees have remote access to mission-critical data via a VPN connection from remote locations.

Remote Systems Access

Workstations within a business often contain Line of Business applications that are often critical to running a business.  Many of these applications have moved to software-as-service models and/or cloud-hosted solutions. However, there is still a significant number of these applications that need to run within a local business network.  If employees are unable to make it to the office and don’t have remote access to their systems, applications like TeamViewer or Splashtop are easy to install, configure, and give employees the ability to work on their office workstation securely.

Online Meetings

Meetings are a necessary part of a business that is often difficult to do remotely without the right    technology.  Sharing presentations and screens with others can easily be done with either Microsoft Teams or Zoom Meetings.  Both of these offer the ability to provide remote attendees call-in numbers or the ability to use that computer’s speakers and microphones to communicate with other attendees.

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“…without any interruption”

The November 2018 earthquake destroyed our offices. We were able to save our servers, and by the following day, DanTech Services had us up and running remotely. We were able to  continue serving our clients and keep our staff employed without any interruption. In 2019 it ensured our survival as a business. I cannot thank them enough. We have a proven solution with DanTech Services.

Ellen M. Cloudy, Chief Operating Officer, EHS-Alaska