DanTech Services is official reseller of SonicWAll and provides knowledgeable management, support & sales of SonicWallUTM's. Whether you're upgrading or replacing your current firewall, DanTech Services has the experience to size, deliver and install the best perimeter protection available. Find out why we've selected the SonicWall platform as an integral part of DTS Shield!

DanTech Services Intelligent Firewall for Alaska

The SonicOS platform

The proven SonicOS architecture is at the core of every SonicWallfirewall from the SuperMassive™ E10800 to the TZ 100. SonicOS uses deep packet inspection technology in combination with multi-core specialized security microprocessors to deliver application intelligence, control, and real-time visualization, intrusion prevention, high-speed virtual private networking (VPN) technology and other robust security features.

Application Intelligence, Control and Visualization

Provide granular control and real-time visualization of applications to prioritize bandwidth and ensure maximum network security and productivity, regardless of port or protocol.

  • Granular, policy-based control of applications for individuals, groups and organizations
  • Bandwidth prioritization
  • Control over access to internal or external websites
  • Automatic and seamless protection

Virtual private networking (VPN)

Establish a secure and extensive VPN that is easy to manage and administer, and offers remote access and management capabilities for any size organization.

  • Clean VPN integrates next-generation firewall security
  • Secures the integrity of both IPSec and SSL VPN
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) with Active Directory or LDAP

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What's running on your network? 

Our SWARM (SonicWall Application Risk Management) report can show you what applications put your business at risk, or simply use up your bandwidth! Get control of your network! Keep your Computers Under Control!

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DanTech Services SonicWALL Protection Alaska

Deliver best-of-breed security with tightly integrated hardware, software and services.

Proven SonicOS technology supports the SuperMassive, E-Class NSA, NSA, TZ, WZA and Clean Wireless Series.

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