Dimond Center Holdings, LLC chooses DanTech Services, Inc as its IT provider.

Dimond Center Holdings, LLC decided as one of their strategic initiatives for 2018 to contract with a reputable local IT service provider to assess their network and IT security needs. They chose DanTech Services because of their reputation for quality and dependability.

DanTech Services dedicated IT technicians who began with an audit of the IT needs, exposure and potential future problems of Dimond Center Holdings, LLC's network.

DanTech Services has completed the corrections and improvements that were identified during the assessment phases.  They arrive within 15-30 minutes if needed for each trouble call.  They are able to work remotely on many issues.

A secure and non-interrupted IT network is imperative to operating a large, diverse company such as Dimond Center Holdings, LLC.  We now feel safe and secure with the technical improvements, timely responses, high quality and contemporary IT knowledge and affordability provided by DanTech Services.  We are very pleased with the support and professionalism of DanTech Services and we high recommend them to small and large companies.

Steve Warnke, Chief Financial Officer Dimond Center Holdings, LLC
Lisa Fink tells how DTS helps them to keep business going.

My name is Lisa Fink. I’m an accountant at Nigel Guest, CPA. DanTech Services has provided our computer consulting tech services for the past six years. What impresses me most about DanTech is their knowledge and customer service of taking care of us as a small business. Dan sat down with us in our initial meeting when we discussed what we needed, what we didn’t need, and actually brought the tech talk down to our language so we understood how much security, malware protection, software or data we needed just to keep us connected to take care of our clients.

If a printer went out or a computer crashed or a monitor screen suddenly went black, DanTech has always been there. DanTech Services also educates us about new viruses or new possible attacks and how better we could be protected. And they just really make us feel secure in such an insecure environment with the Internet. We actually feel like we’re not just a number. They really care about the integrity of our data and the customer service base that we maintain.

I would recommend DanTech Services to take care of the technical needs of any small business so you can concentrate on taking care of your customers and your business, knowing that your Internet, your network and your data is secure with DanTech Services.

DanTech Services client Lisa Fink, Nigel Guest CPA Lisa Fink, Accountant Nigel Guest, CPA
With help of DTS, for the first time ever, we were able to offer computer services, backup support and a copy center at the Governor's 2015 Safety and Health Conference for the State of Alaska.

DanTech Services offered to host the business center at the Governor’s 2015 Safety and Health Conference for the State of Alaska. For the first time ever, we were able to offer computer services, backup support and a copy center. We had 56 presenters sending in information and slide presentations for the three-day event. DanTech Services created a link which they sent out to all the attendees right afterwards which offered an extra special value for both presenters and participants and was mentioned in all the conference evaluations. We’re definitely planning to have DanTech Services with us at our 2016 conference.

Ann Lindsey, Lindsey Consulting Ann Lindsey, CSP, CET President Lindsey Consulting
Above and beyond what I could hope for.

When serving as General Manager of a mid-size construction company with 18 on-site workstations, I contracted with DTS to provide technical support and network maintenance. I have always found the DTS commitment to customer satisfaction to be above and beyond what I could hope for. Timely responsiveness, dedication to customer experience and current knowledge of best practices and cost saving information technology strategies were the standard of performance I came to expect working with DTS.

DanTech Services client Eden Larson Eden Lovejoy YourBusinessLifestyle.com, Inc.
DanTech came in and absolutely rescued us one day when our server system had gone down and the current IT provider we were using was not able to respond in the emergency and...

We had worked with DanTech previously years before on another issue and (have remembered) we called and he showed up and was able to take care of our problem. (And) we are now using them under contract monthly. He provides our IT services. We love the new spam email filtering. With DanTech Services taking care of our workstations and servers we have peace of mind.We are small company, we don’t have specialized IT resources. By hiring DanTech Services, we’ve got experts taking care of our IT side. It’s much more efficient, cost efficient, for us.

We are very happy with DanTech Services.

Ellen Cloudy, EHS-Alaska Ellen M. Cloudy, Chief Operating Officer EHS-Alaska
DanTech Services came to the rescue!

I was very impressed with the prompt and professional response to my cry for IT help. And the response was immediate when I reached out to get an Off-Site backup of our business servers. Dan had the backup appliance on hand!! He was able to get backups created and taken to our other store the next morning. The appliance even emailed me the Boot status of the server after each backup.

Dan and Janet know how to deal with critical IT needs.

Richard, IT Manager Big Ray’s, The Alaskan Outfitter